CLIENT: Moo Shoes (proposal)

DATE: 2010

BRIEF: Re-brand of all aspects of a popular vegetarian/vegan/environmentally friendly shoe store in New York city. The aim was to raise the profile of the brand and attract a younger, more main stream target audience and raise awareness of environmental and animal cruelty issues within the footwear industry.

RESPONSE: I took a minimal approach to the re-design of Moo, something which I felt reflected the brand's style and ethics. The new more relevant and up-to-date logo I designed used eyelets from shoes within the letters to create a recognisable and intresting brand. Eyelets were a device which featured heavily throughout the rest of the branding. I used a simple and witty concept when designing the packaging for the shoes, using the laces as carrying handles, creating less packaging waste, and an overall more environmentally friendly brand. The packaging was well received by the Internet design community and has featured on a number of prestigious web blogs including www.lovelypackage.com